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Sex: Is it a Sin?

I recently emailed one of my followers who is doing some research on sex, and what the Bible says about it. Figured it’d be nice for you all to see my stance on it, and know more about my background in life. 

"I’m going to try and keep this short, because this topic could be an entire book. 

I was also raised in a christian household and basically taught that sex is only for married couples, and got the vibe that it’s something that shouldn’t be talked about. It was also a combination of that and the fact that my mother is very naive as a person. Love her to death, but I feel 20 years older than her sometimes. 
Thankfully, my Dad brought us up with an opposite mindset. He taught us to be open to all different ideas of religion and spirituality, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. As a kid, going back and forth between these two radically different parents, it was terribly confusing. Over the years I had to do some serious soul-searching and began to question everything I had been taught about religion, my family, and even major disparagement against my father. It was not something I wish on any child. 
Back to the sex-thing. I have been sexual since a very young age. I knew things about my body and what to do with it without being taught by anyone or anything on TV. It was just natural. Now, that doesn’t mean I masturbated when I was 8, or had sex before an appropriate age (in my opinion, that would be 16). I just was aware of myself. So when I started sex-ed and began officially learning about the human anatomy, I wondered why I had been told for so long that sex was something to be hushed. If it’s so natural, and EVERYBODY DOES IT, why is it so bad? If it creates life and expresses the epitome of love between two people, how can it be considered a sin?
It didn’t make sense. 
I love how you have done your research on the topic. ESPECIALLY that you took quotes directly from the Bible. Now I could go into it more, but after all these years of rebelling and arguing with my mother/mother’s side of the family, I’m exhausted. Nowhere in the bible does it truly condem sex. 
In my opinion: Sex is sex. It is not a sin. Whether it be with your spouse, your lover, a friend… it doesn’t matter. As long as it is consensual and it doesn’t hurt anyone. You could only have sex with one person the rest of your life, or have sex with multiple people. WHO CARES?? 
It’s natural.”

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My mom and I were watching a Shark Week episode tonight and they kept saying “millions of years ago” in reference to a giant shark.

She then decides to tell me that there’s “no scientific proof that would say the earth is millions of years old and it’s only 10,000 years old”. And went on to claim that we wouldn’t even have the technology to tell how old anything past 10,000 would be.

Tonight I learned that my mother is somewhat of a creationist.

I’m frightened.

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