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Going on a date with someone from POF tonight….

We’ve been texting for about a month now, so hopefully it’ll go well. He likes Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and comics…. So far so good. I already sent my little bro an “IF I DIE” message about where I’ll be and when I’ll check in lol. 

POF is sketchy though, I tried to log on to see his profile again, and the website isn’t working properly so our messages aren’t even coming up in my inbox. 

At least we’ll be in a public place! 

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POF Message of the Day:

"I’m pretty sure that you hear this everyday, but I must say it because it is the first thing that came to my mind after seeing your pictures: Damn!! You are beautiful!! One thing that I do not understand is why such a beautiful woman like yourself is having a hard time finding someone? It is very common for beautiful women to have lots of suitors. The only logical explanations that I can think of are either you live in a place with no men or the men are blind."

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