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Sitting here, painting my nails a dark shade of maroon…. watching HBO’s “Girls” on repeat. 

I can’t tell people enough about how this show has encompassed what the current generation of young women go through. I may not have gone through everything the characters have on this show… but I CAN say that it’s pretty damn accurate. 

Speaking of girls in their 20s… The hormone changes SUCK. At least for me. Currently I am experiencing the WORST acne. It feels like I’m going through puberty all over again. But really. LOOK AT THIS SHIT:

NOT OK!!!! I want to cover it up with makeup, but I know it’ll just make it worse. So I go around all day wearing my glasses (which are only for reading/computer work) hoping that it will hide me from sight. 

Yes, I may be exaggerating. But lately that’s how I’ve been feeling when it comes to my skin. I’ve been so confident for the past several years and because of this minuscule problem that will probably go away in a few months I don’t feel as though I can be who I am. 

And all this is trivial and stupid and won’t last. But I had to put it down somewhere, right?

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dmccarten asked: Have you ever read Pride & Prejudice? I think that most of the term of Gentlemen has been lost, what do you think?

I actually haven’t read it. But I do agree. There a few gentlemen out there anymore, and fathers aren’t teaching their sons to be honorable men.

I don’t think that about all guys, but it’s a mass majority of the ones that I’ve encountered that act like assholes.

I also think this about girls too. I’ve observed that some girls don’t know how to compose themselves in a polite manner or at least know when and where certain behaviors are acceptable. Same goes for the young men. 

 I don’t identify with girls very easily either. Whenever I try to describe it to people I say, “I’m not a girl’s girl”. Sometimes I have to make myself go talk to the girls that are in the group I’m in, while we’re all out. But I don’t consider myself to be “one of the guys” even though I do get along with men better. 

I guess we’re all just people and we all need to look at ourselves and act like the people we want to meet. 

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